Transform Your Ideas Into Actual Content

Posted by Kathryn Cartini on Dec 20, 2015 2:07:31 PM

After you plan your content, start creating content that aligns with your buyer personas.

Now that you have an idea for what you’re going to create, in this blog let’s explore how to create awesome content for your buyer personas. This content doesn’t have to be lengthy or elaborate, you just have to use the plan from stage one and follow it. It all comes down to transforming your plan into real content that attracts, converts, closes and entertains your readers.


Here are a few best practices for content creation:

  1. Concentrate on creating content for your buyer personas and where they are in the Buyer’s Journey. Here’s a sample Concepting Worksheet to keep organized. While broad content may cast a wider net, specific content attracts qualified visitors and leads to your website and blog. These are the viewers that are more likely to become customers or clients.
  2. Less is more. Because people are busy, when we make it easy for viewers to digest our content, we can establish better relationships with them. If you know your buyer persona doesn’t have time to sit through a 2-hour webinar or read a 50-page whitepaper, don’t overextend yourself to create them.
  3. Awesome content is educational, not promotional. It’s not until the decision stage in the Buyer’s Journey that your product or services should even be mentioned. Website pages are great pieces of content for the decision stage, while your blog posts and content offers are perfect for the beginning stages of the process.
  4. Last note, focus on the information in your content first, and worry about the design second. Of course we want our words to look pretty on the page, but the design will take shape after your writing is finalized. Of course visual content like infographics or iVideos rely heavily on the design, but these materials won't exist if you don't create an outline or script first. When you're ready, use to create free, interactive charts and infographics

So there you have it! When creating amazing content for your business always focus on your buyer personas and where they are in the Buyer’s journey, keep it short, educational and worry about the design last.   

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