Capture people's emotions to get them talking after you leave

Posted by Kathryn Cartini on Feb 14, 2016 2:41:01 PM

Associate your products with excitement to inspire others to spread the word

One of the first things I learned as a HubSpot partner is that as content marketers we want to create stories so inspiring others tell their friends. This is part of the delight or entertain phase in our Inbound Marketing methodology.

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HubSpot for High-Growth Startups

Posted by Kathryn Cartini on Jul 30, 2015 2:26:00 PM

Technology Startups Benefit from HubSpot’s All-in-One Marketing Platform

Backed by venture capital, talented entrepreneurs with stellar ideas need effective marketing to promote their products and show their investors true ROI. To help startups butterfly into viable businesses, HubSpot recently launched a new platform designed for technology startups.

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5 Steps to Being a Successful Leader

Posted by Kathryn Cartini on Jul 16, 2015 8:30:00 AM

Following Your Dreams - Building a Startup at Any Age

Lucky in life - I was born to parents who never really understood my career ambitions, but who’ve always been supportive of me spreading my wings. That said, after growing up in a small town on the outside of Syracuse, N.Y., I considered my high school diploma a one-way ticket to explore anything and everything that caught my fancy.

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New StoryCorps Mobile App Records Our Lives

Posted by Kathryn Cartini on Mar 26, 2015 2:42:00 PM

Record, Share and Preserve Stories at the Library of Congress

After over 20 years of storytelling, StoryCorps founder Dave Isay announced during his Ted Talk last week the launch of a public beta version of the StoryCorps app. 

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