The power of presence

Posted by Kathryn Cartini on Feb 14, 2016 3:05:26 PM

Create an environment that leads customers to think a certain way before you say a word

Our brains can be guided on assumptions. Despite our best intentions, we need to make sure our stories don’t provoke distrust. In order to manage expectations in a sales pitch, the presenter needs to be calm, deliberate and composed. This includes creating an environment that gets people to think a certain way before we say anything at all. That's the power of presence!

The power of presence - let them eat cake!

Here’s how to shape your customer’s thinking

Investor walks into marketing firm surrounded by cheerful employees enjoying cake. A large poster is displayed in the conference room with another client’s marketing campaign.

CEO: “Hi Vick, thanks for coming in. Can I offer you a piece of cake? We’re celebrating!”

VENTURE VICK: “My pleasure, what’s going on around here?”

CEO: “We just closed a huge deal with a client we are excited to represent. Now we’re able to move into a larger office space and hire more storytellers!”

In this story the CEO allowed a potential investor to experience the culture of their marketing firm as they celebrated a victory. Happy employees, passionate about their work and excited about the future. Because of the firm’s plans to move into a bigger office and bring on new employees, the investor might assume the contract is quite large.

This environment could be completely distracting, but Venture Vick gets the point. The marketing firm is making moves, and it might psychologically trigger urgency in Venture Vick to partner as well. What a power play.

VENTURE VICK: “Congratulations, I hope this means you still have time for me?”

CEO: “Absolutely! It means we’ll have even more resources to create an amazing campaign for your firm. Have a seat and I’ll grab you a slice.”

Before the CEO gets into seller-mode, she established a rapport with Venture Vick, setting the stage for a great brainstorming session. This is the art of conversation. Creating a situation that evokes positive associations and emotions in your client, which can be transferred to you and your product. It involves selling yourself instead of a piece of technology or service.

Now the next time the CEO and Venture Vick speak the relationship can be reengaged based on this great experience and fingers crossed, they will close a deal!

CEO: “Great to hear from you Vick, and thanks for taking a look at our proposal. Is it time to order another cake?”

However things may turn out, remember to be kind to yourself. Storytelling and all the elements involved take time to develop, and each step might need to be refined based on the person you’re speaking with. After each sales pitch take the time to reflect and improve on anything you could have done different to create the ultimate outcome - a sale!

The icing on the cake? Having fun while closing the deal! At the end of the day, you need the client walking away feeling good about their decision.

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