Storytelling for Startups

Posted by Kathryn Cartini on Feb 14, 2016 1:43:59 PM

Storytelling is the most successful selling method in the world!

Startups have no reason to succeed. They lack resources, including funding, consultants, a large staff - fill in the blank. But they do have agility. Founders are able to make quick decisions without being held back by bureaucracy.

Storytelling for Startups

Thank goodness, because in order to survive (not succeed) a startup founder needs to acquire resources as quickly as possible. One of the ways this can happen is by sharing stories about your research, team and company. And this can happen when you learn the art of storytelling for startups. 

Doug Buerkle, Founding Executive Director of the NEXUS-NY Clean Energy Seed Accelerator in Upstate, NY says, “Often times very early-stage companies are so focused on the technology, that’s all the founders want to talk about. Business comes second.” This is likely one of the reasons the NEXUS-NY program requires each technical lead to pair with an entrepreneurial lead, so the company’s technology can be translated into a relatable story that attracts customers, partners and investors.

So let’s ask ourselves a question - is a description of the technology or research a story? No, it’s a summary of facts and figures. Even if your product is superior to the competition, displaying your technical mastery is not enough to convince customers to buy, talent to sign on or investors to present a term sheet.

In order for startups to build strong relationships, founders need to relate to the talent, investors and mentors they need to grow. Many of these parties will not be experts in the technology, so it’s up to the founders to find compelling ways to share their story for people to want to partner.

In this blog series we’ll explore:

  • The elements of a good story
  • Samples of good and bad stories
  • Tools you can use to create perfect stories for each audience you’re trying to attract

By the end of the series, you’ll have learned how to develop the perfect sales story for any audience, at any time.

Ready, set, go!

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