HubSpot for High-Growth Startups

Posted by Kathryn Cartini on Jul 30, 2015 2:26:00 PM

Technology Startups Benefit from HubSpot’s All-in-One Marketing Platform

Backed by venture capital, talented entrepreneurs with stellar ideas need effective marketing to promote their products and show their investors true ROI. To help startups butterfly into viable businesses, HubSpot recently launched a new platform designed for technology startups.

“Most of the early-stage startups I work with are sent to HubSpot executive training,” said John Valentine, President of Valentinium, CMO at Fonality and Partner with Exium Partners, a private equity and management consulting firm that invests in high-growth businesses.

HubSpot is an all-in-one Inbound Marketing software that combines CRM, blogging, lead nurturing, content and email marketing features into one easy to use tool that is proven to produce results.

Here’s 7 Reasons Why HubSpot Works for Early-Stage Startups


  1. Websites. Optimized and Responsive Designs without a Developer

Hiring a web developer to create a website for your business can be costly. Not to mention, some traditional web developers aren’t versed in Search Engine Optimization. So while they can create something that looks beautiful, are they integrating calls-to-action, landing pages and analytics to aid your sales funnel? Using HubSpot CMS, startups can handle all of these actions without knowing how, or learning a single line of code!

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  1. Search Engine Optimization. Built-In SEO Tools Grow Website Traffic

From keyword tracking, to best practices for creating standout blog titles, HubSpot SEO data and performance reports collect all the information your marketers will need to effectively increase the amount of organic visitors to your website.

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  1. Metrics. Avoid Creating Time-Consuming Goals in Google Analytics

While HubSpot integrates with Google Analytics, the comprehensive testing and metrics offered in the HubSpot platform measure everything from sales performance to what links your readers are clicking on in your email marketing campaigns.

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  1. Email Marketing. Create Email and Improve Click-Through Rates

From List Segmentation to AB Testing, HubSpot Emailing Marketing allows marketers to create compelling emails, send them to targeted audiences and experiment with titles, keywords and content to best drive results. Now you don’t have to piece together various content creation and email marketing tools with Wordpress, Constant Contact and Mailchimp, saving your team large amounts of time.

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  1. HubSpot CRM. An Alternative to Salesforce

HubSpot's Customer Relationship Management tool will manage your startup’s contacts, collecting important company information and providing insight as to where your contacts are in the buyer’s journey, from opportunity to a qualified sales lead. Contacts can easily be added to Email Marketing Lists.

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  1. Sales Optimization. HubSpot Converts Strangers into Sales

Designed for lead nurturing, HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing software pinpoints ways in which to guide an online visitor throughout the sales lifecycle using automated workflows based on your business metrics.

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  1. Lead Generation. Customized Landing Pages to Capture Leads

HubSpot offers a variety of templates to help create the perfect Landing Pages for your business. You can then track the conversion rate, and make changes based on how well your Landing Pages are performing. Find one that HOT, and clone it for a simple marketing solution.  

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Learn if HubSpot is the right marketing solution for your high-growth startup. Schedule a brainstorming session to discuss your business goals and resources. We’ll use this information to begin forming a strategy sure to please your investors by making your startup a success!

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