Grab your customer's attention from the start

Posted by Kathryn Cartini on Feb 14, 2016 2:20:24 PM

Open your story with an element of surprise that will leave people wanting more

People are busy, and very easily get distracted thinking about everything else on their plates. If you’ve come this far and have the opportunity to share your technology or idea with a potential client or investor, don’t waste it! Create a way to get their attention right from the start. This will pique their curiosity and set the stage for whatever story you’re about to tell.

CHEX the Dalmatian | Grab your customers's attention from the start

I’d like to introduce you to CHEX, an active dalmatian with tons of energy. Because of his unique breed, and the ways in which he’s already warmed the hearts of so many, I’d love for him to be a therapy dog - able to visit nursing homes and special needs camps. During the onset of our training, CHEX was only interested in playing with the other dogs or exploring the scents in the room. To curb his distraction the trainer suggested I start each session with a fun activity that captured his attention and made him excited to see what was coming next. It worked! He’s able to focus, listen to instruction and learn. CHEX is now a proud graduate of an intermediate dog training class, ready to continue towards his Good Canine certification.

So how does this apply to technical presentations? Let’s say you have 15 minutes in a crowded cafe with a busy investor. Grabbing their attention from the moment you sit down is important for setting the stage. It will make sure you don’t lose precious minutes and allow the investor to become curious about your technology.

Take a look back at the sample stories from the blog, Captivate with stories, not facts. Here we discussed how telling technical stories with too many facts will confuse, and cause your audience to lose interest in the conversation.

Here’s another example of a good story that captures emotion.

Do you know what happens when an Indie 500 driver can’t slow down quickly? They crash into a car in front of them, likely creating a pileup on the track that may result in death. Being able to brake at the right moment is what keeps them alive. They need to have control and make quick turns, just like the other drivers on the track. Without quick turns, they will cause accidents. It’s the same thing with our product, which customizes your business to current market conditions and can follow whatever direction the market takes with precision. This flexibility and agility means that you’ll never crash and burn over lack of sales.

Opening with an element of surprise is great for telling a sales story. It connects the client to what you’re selling, regardless of who you’re selling to. And it will certainly distinguish your product from the competition.

With the right opening, simple language, short sentences and a strong close, your story can be awesome! It will plant a seed inside your customer’s subconscious and stick there for a long time. This staying power is perfect for turning others into brand ambassadors. If they can understand and remember your sales story, they’ll more likely be excited about sharing it with others.

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