Earn Links to Your Content for Improved Search Results

Posted by Kathryn Cartini on Jan 10, 2016 6:02:54 PM

Earn Links by Interviewing Industry Influencers, Adding Your Business to Local Directories and Creating Google+ Pages

In our Search Engine Optimization and Keyword blog series we’ve highlighted how to get search engines to understand our pages with keywords and optimization techniques. In this article we’ll explore how to get search engines to see our websites and content as trustworthy and authoritative. A lot of this will come from your awesome optimized content, and some of it will come from the number of links that are pointing back to your website. This is called Off-Page SEO.

Search engines follow links between pages to see how they’re related to each other. Links coming into your website (inbound links) help search engines analyze how authoritative your website is. This means is an another website links to one of your site pages or blogs posts, search engines see your content as more trustworthy.

Google Penguin Algorithm UpdatesNot all links are created equal. It’s important to make sure you are earning high-quality links and not focusing on quantity. Read our case study story, Peacock in the Land of Google Penguin Updates, to learn more about how using SEO firms that produce sneaky redirects to manipulate search engines rankings will hurt your business.

To figure out which websites are authoritative, use a tool like the MOZ Open Site Explorer or HubSpot Links to see all of the website that are linking to you and their authority.

While it make take some time to build relationships with industry influencers and authoritative sites, earning links to your content is one of the best ways to keep your brand relevant and visible online. To do this, engage on social media, send emails with valuable information and comment on blog posts. Guess what? You can even pick up the phone and have a conversation with an industry leader or attend a local meetup to make connections and build stronger relationships.

Tip: A great way to build relationships and create powerful external links is to create content with input from industry thought leaders. Not only will these influencers help you write your content, they’ll likely share it, giving you new visitors and a new external link to your website. Read our story on 4 Tips for Entrepreneurs on Building Stronger Relationships featuring upstate NY experienced entrepreneurs and startup investors Martin Babinec and David Dussault.

Here are some ideas for gaining external links to your website harnessing your business relationships:

  • Create a “best-of” or resources list and give credit to the resources or authors
  • Interview an industry thought leader and publish it as a blog post
  • Write crowdsourced content by soliciting information and opinions on a particular topic
  • Ask an industry thought leader to write the forward or give a quote for an eBook

Upstate Venture Connect Ecosystem MapYou can also set up a page for your business on the top online directories. Directories are websites like Yelp, YP (Yellow Pages) and local chambers of commerce. Having a page on a directory will increase the number of links and citations for your website. Citations are mentions of your business name and address online. Even if the website doesn’t directly links back to your site, having this will help your search engine rankings.

And if your business is location specific, create a Google+ Local Business Page. This will help tie your website to a certain location, which Google will use in search results. If your business is located in a single location, link to your homepage. If your business has multiple locations, link to dedicated location or contact pages for each.

Start from the beginning! Learn the fundamental search engine optimization strategies and best practice for improving the rank of your website pages in search results and getting increased traffic to your site. Here’s our Blog Series on Search Engine Optimization and Keywords.

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Earn Links to Your Content for Improved Search Results

  • Earn Links by Interviewing Industry Influencers, Adding Your Business to Local Directories and Creating Google+ Pages

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