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Posted by Kathryn Cartini on Apr 10, 2015 2:05:31 PM

3 Great Ways to Learn and Understand Data Analysis for Business

“Study the past if you would define the future.” ― Confucius

That’s the gist behind using Analytics Marketing for strategy when growing our brands online, seeking out new clients, and better learning how to support our existing customers.

Now with advanced software compiling these metrics, it’s all the more easy to see and react with intention when it comes to business development. If we take the time to educate ourselves on these tools, we will best learn how to decipher the information they deliver and deliver true return on our marketing investments.

As an Inbound Marketer and business owner, there are three resources I find particularly useful for mapping out the future success of my company. All of them take time, practice and continued learning, but the end results have been oh so gratifying.

     1. HubSpot Inbound Certification.

Screen_Shot_2015-04-08_at_1.25.57_PMHubSpot’s FREE Inbound Marketing certification teaches you how to implement specific inbound marketing strategies. This includes learning how to make smarter decisions for your business by analyzing your efforts so you know where to invest your time and resources. This is vital, because there’s only so much time in the day, and as business owners there are a million other action items that need our attention. HubSpot is ideal for explaining how to cut to the chase, saving you time and money as you grow your brand.

     2. Google Analytics Academy.

Google_Analytics_AcademyOne of the most popular platforms assisting companies in analyzing their marketing efforts, the Google Analytics Academy offers a variety of different classes on data analysis.

These free courses take a deep dive into how to use Google Analytics, which will help you understand the big picture around data analysis as it applies to your company’s growth. On April 21, Google will now start including mobile results in search, so learning about mobile analysis in addition to digital analytics through these courses will really help set your business apart from the competition online.  

     3. Moz Blog Analytics.

Moz_Blog_AnalyticsMoz is a software as a service (Saas) company that sells inbound marketing and marketing analytics software subscriptions.

To help users understand their product and the importance of data analysis, the Moz Blog does a great job at provider stellar content on inbound marketing and search engine optimization (SEO).

Click on their Analytics tab to uncover helpful articles on instructions for using marketing analytics and insightful advice on how to best analyze your data.

In addition to my favorite marketing analytics resources, you can also check out conferences by Predictive Analytics World, or the analytics section of question-and-answer website, Quora. Here questions are created, answered, edited and organized by its community of users so you can learn from your peers.

Locowise also just released a NEW Facebook Page Analyser that helps businesses see what they are doing well, and what they need to improve on by comparing a company's Facebook page against the pages of competitors. 

BONUS! Influencer Marketing Delivers ROI. In this Peacock Media post, we share with you the findings of a recent survey of marketers by Tomoson, that shows Blogs and Facebook still dominate as the most effective platform for influencer marketing.

Tomoson_Blogs_Facebook_StudyWhat are your experiences with HubSpot, Google or Moz analytics? Share your comments below!

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