3 Steps to Launching a Great Social Media Campaign

Posted by Kathryn Cartini on Jul 26, 2015 12:08:00 PM

Establish Goals - Collect Talent + Create a Social Media Advertising Budget

Many businesses have already dipped their toes into social media marketing to build their online brands, charging employees with posting, liking and commenting over each platform. However creating a successful social media campaign requires more than posting creative content, it involves a considerable amount of data analysis and planning to make sure the content you're sharing is appropriate for your brand. Here are a few simple tips to make your next social media campaign sing!


  1. GOALS. How to Measure Success ->

There are many things you can achieve from social media including increasing traffic to your website, providing customer service, gathering R&D, or even selling products directly from your social channels. So before you start a social media campaign, think about your Customer’s Final Objective is so you know if what you’re doing is working, or if you need to continue to experiment to achieve success. Also, make sure your Social Media Manager is plugged in to your traditional marketing campaigns so each strategy is in line with your company’s overall branding.

  1. TALENT. What Skills Are Needed to Execute ->

Whether you choose to handle your social media marketing or connect with a consultant, there are 5 skills necessary for a successful social media campaign:a. 

- Copywriting. They don’t call is creative content for nothing. Tweets and posts need to be creative and provide VALUE in order to align with your brand and entice your audience to take action. Creating copy in a few characters is definitely an art, and the reason why many TV News Journalists have naturally transitioned into Social Media Managers as they are skilled in writing short bursts of content. For example, what was once read by an Anchor in 15-30 seconds, has now been transformed into a 140 character tweet.

- Graphic Design. Dominated by visual storytelling, especially under the restriction of specific advertising requirements, make sure your Social Media Manager has the ability to create the right calls-to-action. We love Canva has a free online-based tool for creating great social media cover art, apps, icons and advertisements.

- Photography. Us Peacock LOVE our iPhones and this is why. We can attend events for our clients and capture the action in high-definition photos perfect for sharing on social media. No longer is it necessary to take pictures, upload them to a computer for editing, and then share the art with followers. By using multimedia tools designed to make our lives simple, your Social Media Manager can point, shoot, edit and post within seconds. It’s the NEW Live, Local, Late-breaking.

- Analytics Marketing. Each social media platform provides performance data on how well your social media campaigns are performing. These analytics can be compiled into reports and measured to determine if your efforts are achieving your Goals. By generating insight and experimenting, you can continue to fine-tune your campaigns based on the interests and needs of your target audience. This is called optimization. HubSpot offers great social media analytics tools to compare your social media channels all in one place.

- Videography. Video is the most compelling way to engage audiences on social media. If your Social Media Manager has the ability to shoot, edit, add sound and creation motion graphics, you’ve hit the jackpot! Again, these iVideos no longer require a studio full of expensive equipment or days/weeks of production time. By using your smartphone, some savvy video editing apps and YouTube as a host, your social media campaign enter into a new level of cool, which can directly correlate to successful branded messaging for your business.

  1. BUDGET. Beyond Free Tools, Social Media Offers Advertising ->

Organic growth and engagement is wonderful when achieved, but for high-growth businesses and startups in need of reaching the masses quickly, savvy marketers have become skilled in the various advertising features available on social media. This is a form of Smart Marketing, working smarter not harder. That said, just like with traditional marketing campaigns, determining how much can and needs to be spent in order to reach your Goals will also help calculate ROI - Return on Investment. Here are some articles to help get you started by Advertising on Facebook:

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